Aug 29, 2007

High Five!

Well, we're now officially 5 months into the wait. Cackie celebrated today by giving us the high five!

Congrats to our friend Kim on her 5 month LID-aversary today as well.

Five months have really flown, we really can't believe that we've already been waiting 5 months. Hopefully the rest of our wait will fly just as quickly.

I've been meaning to post an update, life has just been busy. I had 3 weeks off of school and took full advantage of the time off. I even took two days off of work to work on "stuff" around the house. Good news is that we almost have the camper ready! I have some curtains to sew and cushion covers for the kitchen area (Kim, don't run... I may be calling you for help/advice!) But that's just cosmetic stuff, in reality we have some cleaning and then we'll be ready to roll. I spent a whole day working on cleaning out stuff around the house, it was cleansing both mentally and physically!

Work for both Michael & I has been pretty hectic and it doesn't seem to be dying down. Now, on top of my increasing work schedule I started back with a new class this week. Hopefully it will be less hectic this time since the semester is longer than in the summer. I'm taking an accounting class this semester, so it should be easier for me, lol! Hopefully I'll remember some of what I studied for the CPA! :::fingers crossed::::

We've been dealing with crap from the PIA (pain in the @$$) loser step son. He's trying to get whatever he can out of us, not much lately, telling MAJOR lies, etc... we're pretty much just plain tired of his crap. He started a new job today. Prayers that he keeps it and stays reasonably sober are much appreciated! It's a LOOOONNNNGGG story... one that has been going on for the whole 11 years that Michael & I have been together. It wears us out and get's really old.

Then, on top of all the other stuff that we've been dealing with, my car is in the shop again for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. It looks like a bad engine issue that is a common problem with that model year car. I don't drive a lot at all... we've had the car 5 yrs 9 mos and it has about 48k miles, so a major engine issue should NOT be a problem! We're going to contact the manufacturer to see what we can do, but after reading stuff on the internet we're not hopeful. GRRRR! This really SUCKS!!!

When it rains it pours!

Two positives right now... we've got 5 months of wait behind us and football season starts this weekend! Go Tigers! Go Vols! I can't wait to celebrate football this weekend!

Aug 10, 2007

Making changes

I've been busy making changes to the blog.... what'cha think?
I've been wanting a ladybug theme for a long time, but they are few & far between. I liked this one, but really wish it was a three column. Any easy ways to convert one? I'm not that good with this stuff!
I still have some of my old page elements to add and hopefully I'll get to those this weekend. I'm also hoping to sit down and add some new pictures as well.

So, let me know what you think! Any ideas on how to convert this to 3 column?

August 3 Referrals

Well, I updated the ticker last week, but Blogger was giving me trouble so I never got to post the official news from the CCAA. They are now thru 11/21/05, ugh! Still 493 dates before our LID of 3/29/07. Hopefully we won't miss Cackie's high school graduation due to the fact that we're in China adopting Mei Mei....

Aug 1, 2007

St. Jude Runners

Just got back to my desk from watching the St. Jude Memphis to Peoria Runners take off on their annual run. This is the 26th year that they have run the 465 miles from Memphis to Peoria. Mike in my area at work runs each year so we got a group together to go and cheer them on.

Just wanted to post this real quick while I was thinking about it. I should be back with full updates real soon. Tonight I will take my final exam for the summer semester and then I'll have some free time until classes start again on Aug 27. I'll be back to share pictures from our trip to Chicago, Cackie's 3rd birthday & birthday party, and hopefully we'll have some referral news coming real soon, too. I'm also hoping to find some time to pretty up my blog.
Until then watch for a news story on the St. Jude Runners, last year NBC Nightly News did a story on them on Friday evening. They'll arrive in Peoria on Saturday evening, so keep them in your prayers!