Apr 7, 2009

Long Time No Blog....

I know it's been a loooonnggg time. School has just kicked my butt this semester, I really haven't done much of anything else. But I'm going to try to do better about updating, even if it's just little things here and there.

So, here's something little.... I love the conversations that Cackie & I have in the car on the way from school to gymnastics. Sometimes the things that she comes out with just amaze me! Tonight she wanted to make sure that I knew that the salt in saltwater comes from the sand. Two seconds before that she was telling me how one of her friends had pulled her hair earlier in the day... random stuff, but I just love it.

One thing that she loves to talk about is how much she wants to go on an airplane again. I tell her that we don't have any airplane trips planned right now, but that Ill let her know when we do. Then she likes to talk about "when she goes on an airplane to get her baby".... She seems to think that all babies come from China and they all come home on airplanes. Gotta love the logic of a four year old!


RamblingMother said...

G believes all babies are adopted and come from somewhere other than mom's tummy also. She asks if this or that friend "came home before me?" or not.

Margaret M said...

I love it!!!! The idea of adoption for me started as a seed in my heart as a young child so you never know, Cackie may be preparing for the future. How Amazing!